Our production process is designed for the best use of manufacturing lines and workforce. UNLU reflects its 50 year experience in designing stage. Best tips of development and improvement come from our customers. We carefully listen to our end users in order to make our agricultural equipment user-friendly.

Then, testing stage takes place to insure the quality and the functionality. There, we try to replicate possible problems that might occur during the operation. We are aware that different soil types have unique features to be considered. Therefore, some of our technology in our production play very important role. Electrostatic powder coating is one of our application to protect our implement from external factors. Special heat treatment process applied on critical parts. UNLU brings more strength and endurance to its materials. Precision cutting is done by our latest laser technology. Our production line is composed by progressive assembly which allows us a keen work and an outcome of quality.
Designing & Improvement

First of all, our R&D and marketing team attends brain storming sessions to keep up with latest technologies, improvements and customer expectations. After putting finger on a concrete map for a solid design, we keep altering certain aspects to exceed expectation.


All our agricultural implements are tested by us and then by reputable institutions which enable us manufacturing under “Conformité Européenne” compliance. But even more so, these tests are the effort of getting you a better crop yield and a more enjoyable farming.

Quality Control

Both raw materials and semi-finished equipment are tested in our Quality department. UNLU has various technologies to apply tests which allows us to bring you uniform production quality.

CNC Machining Center

Our factory has 30 CNCs of different types to meet our precise critical part manufacturing. New investments for more advanced turning and vertical milling machines are made lately.

Special Heat Treatment Center

UNLU agricultural implements are composed by heat treated steel in the interest of getting resistant and durable parts.

Electrostatic Powder Paint Line

We apply Electrostatic Powder Paint on our parts. This process is one of our endeavours to make it last longer. We protect you in your hard conditions on and off the field. Your agricultural equipment shall endure harsh conditions both in running and standing positions.

Laser Cutting Center

Before processing some of our parts, they are keenly cut by our state-of-art laser cutting machines. As our factory is environmentally friendly, the production department uses raw materials in the most effective way possible. Components that build our implements are at highest accuracy.