About Us

Based in Manisa (Industrial Zone), Turkey, UNLU AGRIGORUP has 3 big factories for the production of soil preparation implements such as classic, conventional, mounted and semi-mounted ploughs, disc harrows, chisels, rotary tillers, cultivators, wood buriers and sowing machines. UNLU has a manufacturing area of 83.000 square meter in total, 45.000 square meter of which is covered. We have more than 500 employees and we enlarge our family with new members. Our factory bearing latest production technology, has its own heat treatment process, powder coating line, assembly line, laser cutting units. We collaborate with quality brands for special raw materials such as seamless steel.

UNLU Company is one of the most well-known brands among farmers. We have more than %50 of the domestic market and exporting to more than 30 countries. Europe, Africa, South America, Russia, Asia and Middle East are our active export continents and we grow our network day after day.

UNLU invests in technology and design. We took steps to create our R&D centre by taking government support behind us and we are developing our new projects during the installation phase.

As we believe in being a family, all family members joined the company playing very important roles for each bringing their expertise. In order to achieve centuries of success, UNLU trusts passing the know-how to upcoming generations.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to bring latest technology available for farmers all around the world at an affordable price. The company vision is to help improving world crop yields. We are very aware of the global situation of hunger rate in many continents. UNLU doesn’t only bring its implements, but also brings a century of knowledge wherever it is and will be present. Our joy comes from your thankfulness when you spell our brand name.

Our future prospect is to be present in every country anywhere farming exercised.  For this fact, we developed a wide range of implements from simplest to more complicated, responding to your need.

We now aim to upgrade our products with user-friendly functions in order to give you more joy and ease when ploughing. We are conscious about the importance of fuel consumption, acquisition of new implements, spare parts cost and many related expenses.  Choosing UNLU brand becomes more important regarding these aspects and our R&D department working constantly to improve your efficiency.

Our Mision

UNLU is one of the biggest agricultural implement manufacturers in Turkey. As our experience extends to 50 years, our infrastructures are well established and filled with latest technology. Our goal is to use this lead in favour of providing implements in global standards at an affordable price. We are conscious about the difficulty that world farmers are facing. Fluctuation in economies, climate change and qualified workforce absence are major uncertainties when it comes to increase the efficiency of crops. Our mission is to dim these factors with our designs and provide you the best soil ploughing, less fuel consumption and maximum time saving.
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